The HCI solution has several features to assist with identifying the best resources to complete a single visit or series of visits. These features increase in complexity, based on analytical factors and your companies strategic goals. From simple to complex we have the right tools for you.
Field Scheduler
Booked feature
The foundation for our recommendation scoring system. You can create any type of attribute (e.g. skill, language, etc.) and each attribute can have it's own scoring weight. The system will recommend and rank clinicians based on the weights you assign. Constraints can be both soft (preferred) and hard (required). Preferences can be assigned to Patients, Clinician and Event Types.
Computer screen with man in the center
Managing clinician availability is another fundamental component of our scheduling system. This includes having accurate start and end time, days available as well as starting and ending location (and any fixed locations through the day). This data can be mananged manually or integrated with your HR system.
World Map
Since our scheduling solution is location dependent, it is extreamly important that we have accurate geolocation and route data of patient and clinician locations. We automatically geocode each address as it appears in the HCI scheduling system, and provide your audit team a list of potential issues. Maintainingg this dataset is critical to scheduling.
Booking feature
Combining the custom preferences with geographic information, the results are sometimes called "Best Fit". The recommendation will also take into consideration the existing clinician schedule, availability, patient location, required skills and time windows.
Scheduling feature
There are multiple calendars available for scheduling and managment of visits. You can edit visits on the fly, assigning clinician resources using the Best Fit algorithm. Drag and drop is also possible to make it easy to handle any scheduling changes that may occur.
Location tracking feature
Once a clinicin's schedule is set, it is possible to "optimize" the order of any visit not scheduled for a specific time. The optimization algorithm will take into consideration any time windows (ie. before 10am or after 2pm) the visits might have, and recommend an "optimal" order to complete the visits for the day.
Field Scheduler Pro
All the Data feature
A time-line view of an orgnizations daily schedule. Integrated ability to schedule individual visits, set resource availability, view map of scheduled patients and resources and run Fleet Scheduling jobs. Also provides streamline method for handling visit re-assignment when a clinician calls in sick.
Man sitting on couch making a phone call
Configure the system to automatically call patients the night before to confirm their visit, helping reduce missed visits before they happen. The autocall templates can configured with multiple language, allowing the system to call patients in thier native language.
Mobile Apps Feature
Basic timeslot search is used to quickly identify a list of available timeslots for a specific date by address or selecting an existing patient. This can be useful during the intake process or scheduling an assessment visit. The results will not only show who is available at what time, but also how much additional driving the visit would add to the clinician's schedule.
data feature
Importing data into the HCI system is easy with the CSV integration module. You can import Patient, Clinician and Visit Data. The integration channel can be configured to directly accept files in most formats, making it easy to upload data without a lot of file manipulation. More sophisticated integrations can be handled by our consulting team.
Field Scheduler Max
Mind Map feature
An optional extension to the Scheduling Command Center. This is our holistic approach to visit assignment that takes a list of events for a given day, plus all available resources, and calculates the best distribution of events among the resources to reduce drive time and improve resource productivity.
Events feature
Multi-day timeslot search is used to identify the best resource for a recurring set of visits. This is helpful when trying to decide which clinician is available at the same time of the day for multiple days of the week (even for multiple weeks). A huge help when continutuity of care is a priority.
map feature
The Routing Data Hub option pre-calculates and stores all the required driving distances and drive times. This allows for highly accurate recommendation results, since the calculations are based on actual driving data.
data feature
If your organization requires more data integration, other than CSV, then we can help. We have extensive experience connecting EHR and custom backend solutions with our software. Custom integrations are handled by our consulting team and priceing depends on the effort involved.
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