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Can you imagine a world where UPSTM or FEDEXTM, the trucking sector, the busing sector, or many other highly efficient, cost-effective sectors didn’t use algorithms and software to get food to your grocery store or the latest gadget to your door? You might be surprised to know that our health system delivers millions of home care visits every year, without the benefit of those same tools.

HCI considers these issues in our position paper on health system innovation in Ontario. In the same way that businesses adapt to their changing markets—reducing costs, adding value for customers, and improving productivity—so too must health systems adapt.

While the paper focuses on system level impacts for the Province of Ontario, the concepts within are fully applicable to the stakeholders in any single-payor jurisdiction.  Logistics tools that have long been available in most other sectors are finally ready for the challenging future of home care and patient-focused outcomes.

Click here to read our paper: Ontario Position Paper